Detained children in Israel

「israel detains child offenders」の画像検索結果

adopted from MEMO Middle East Monitor,

Cases of child offenders’ detention and abuse in Israel are often reported. Convention on the rights of the child, which Israel ratified in 1991, clearly says child offenders should not be punished as much as adults, and should be protected even if they commit a crime. Human Rights Watch reported Israeli police abuse child detainees both physically and verbally. According to UNICEF, children are arrested without their parents’ or lawyers’ presence and interrogated not being notified they have a right to lawyers or to remain silent. Children have much less knowledge, and are easier to be ruled by fear and forced to confess guilt than adults, which is why they should be aware of children’s human rights. It cannot be denied Israel is not a good country for children now.

Here is a new victim; a Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi was arrested for slapping an Israeli soldier. She was held on December 19, 2017 and is still detained. She was 16 at that time. Her hearing is going to be postponed until early March, when she will have been detained for 4 months. Most children at her age go to school and spend time with their friends instead of staying in a small cell alone. Convention on the rights of the child clearly states that children are to be deprived of their liberty only as a last resort, and only for the shortest appropriate period of time.

OHCHR says figures from Palestine show that Israel detains and prosecutes between 500 to 700 Palestinian children in military courts annually. Does Israel really detain them as a last resort? It is nothing but arbitrary detention and amounts to human rights violations. Israel must stop the human rights violation.


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